Researches for logo – Part 2 (17-19/11/2014)

As it now represents a real problem, we have to fix a name for a project. I loose to much time thinking about one logo without a real name.

We decided to meet together on Monday to talk about this. We made a kind of brainstorming together, just saying which words refer for us our project. Then we talk about name’s possibilites. It was quite difficult for us make a decision, because we don’t really know between two names which one is the best. As we said in our group contract, we decided to ask other people who are not in the project to say which one they prefer, just explaining them the aim of it.

Finally, Lights Out! is the name we chose. Then I can start thinking of the real logo. during the evening to present to my group during Tuesday meeting.

I enjoy the idea of writing the name in a circle, with a black background and lettersin colours (fluo). So I try something like that, which finally I don’t like at all.


Then I want to search on something more basic but which can really work. I thought about something happenning with our letters, still with a black background and colours in our letters. Because we have the word ‘lights’ in the name of our project I start thinking about replacing the ‘i’ with a bulb.


When I show my work to the group, they really enjoyed the idea with the bulb, which I think for me is the best too. The only think it may not works is the position of my ‘out’, because regarding after one night this work, and according to other people we read ‘gout’ which does not mean anything for our project.

We talk about the possibility mixing my two last logos, with the idea of playing with the ‘g’.
This evening, I draw it with Illustrator. Then, it will allow me to resize it how I want.


All my work I did, I post it on our Facebook group page, to have comments. I am going to talk with them tomorrow to have their feedbacks, and then continue my work with the colors.

After making the logo as all people in the group want, I have to draw a storyboard which illustrate how our game is playing.


Researches for the logo – Part 1 (15-16/11/2014)

As everything has changed during this week – in term of the project and roles – I am now the designer for the project. I am also in charge of the website.

My first task to achieve is designing the logo which we really need for our presentation next Monday.
This weekend, I started to think about names, ideas of what I can do, in relation to our project.

I first thought about Bubble catch, because the light we are going to use are in circle and it allude me to bubble.
Because we have to press our buttons in the game I first draw this one, which is to complicate for a logo for me.


Then I thought about something in circle to represent the bubbles, and with different names. I think theses two logos are simple but it can works. But I am not really sure about this name, and I have to talk with all the group about this.

BubbleCatch2 FunfkyLight

Group meeting (11/11/2014)

During the class today we again talk about the W questions. We still have to work on it to be really clear.

Who : We think it’s for about 10 years old children until all ages, but we have to think more about it. We can’t start this game for younger people because of the practical things to do.
What : It’s an active, interactive and competitive game. We want the game in an enclosed space because people can’t see us and disturb someone who is shy.
Why : Active play is usually for children. We have to focus to achieve something, and then we are proud. We feel better after doing an active exercise. In this game we want to put some competition in it to try to imprive our score.

After ten minutes meeting with our lecturers, we know that we have to think an other time about our roles in the group : Project manager, Audio, Design and Programming. Thursday we all have to bring our stuff to show everybody that we are able to do, because Romain and I never do audio before, so it could be really difficult for us to take the main part of the project in this area.

Group meeting (06/11/2014)

Today, we made a group contract. All members of our team talk about all the aspects our this contract to write it all together and then sign it.
I think it’s really important to make it well and for all the members to be agree with it for a good team building.

We think about basic things like all the people will attend all classes and all group meetings, on time. If someone cannot come, we just have to let other team members know it and the reason of it…

Here is the begining of my research for the narrative structure of our game. It will be the script of our video.

You are now entering to our name of the game game.
In Dundalk city, a lot of money was stolen by a group of people.
Your mission is to keep it from the dragon as fast as you can.

Mission 1 : You have to know that the castle is protected by guards and they are really violent. The only way to go through them is let them to fall asleep.

You first have to resolve this first memory game. It’s a piano game. You have to memorize which note was played, and after reproduce it, again and again. This game is going faster and faster. (It’s a lullaby song, which will be played by the gamer (First part of the song)

Great ! Now that you are in the castle you have to be really careful about other people…

Now you are facing the map, you have to achieve this buzz wire game faster than you can to know where you have to go. In this game, you have to follow the line with your Wii, without touching borders. (Buzz wire game)

Oh no !!! Guard are waking up, please, continue to play the piano. (2nd part of the song)

Hum… I think that these guards are not really tired; maybe if you play the entire song it will be good for all the end of the game. (All song, people have just to touch notes when they appear.)”

Group meeting (04/11/2014)

During the class today, we again talk about our project and how things are going.

Our project is an immersive game where adults revisit their childhood and become a brave person who must find all the money in the castle from the dangerous dragon.

On the first wall, it’s the open door ; on the second one there is the video introducing the game ; on the third one it’s the buzz wire game and on the fourth one it’s a light wall, maybe with an interactive piano. On the ground there are lights, and we have to touch them.

We need to evaluate the project for the budget, for his feasibility.
We need to define which is our first target audience and why.

For next meeting, all members have to do research about one area. I have to think about the narrative structure.

Research (23/10/14)

Normally today is a new meeting. I made some research about what activities we can put in wall.

I first think about an interactive piano where children have to memorize some note and to play to go to an other activity. They cannot have false. If they make a mistake, they loose the game. Here is a video :

Then people can use their imagination to draw something in the wall, or to do some activities like to catch the ball faster as they can. (this game can replace, the lights on the floor, because we forgot that we really want to do an interactive hopscotch). Here are two other links :

Finally, I though about a rapidity game. You can see in this video (2’34) that one guy have to catch the right color as fast as possible. It remember me one game I played when I was child in my computer.

Group meeting (21/10/14)

Today, during the group meeting, we talk again about our project. We think that we have to focus in a smaller installation because it will take us too much time to build the first idea. We really want to keep the active the active play with some competition (we need a timer), inspired by Bop-it game. So we continue to talk about lots of ideas. We think about one small box. In one wall there will be the door to enter to our game. On the floor, there are lights like in the video I put before. All the lights are not really far from other one, to be touch fast, because this game will be a really active one. You have to touch the lights when they appear. (this is the bop-it) Then, in an other wall, we think about creating an interactive buzz wire game. We saw in one class that we can use wii to track our movements. Player has to follow the line faster that he can without touching borders. Besides, we talk about a rope that we have to shake when we listen a particular song. It will cut the contact. Finally, at the top with think about something to catch or to hit when it is asked. Results will appear on our website while people are playing. After a talk with a lecturer about our project and our roles, we think that using video narration could be really interesting for us. Finally, we think that at the beginning of our game, a video will start. It will introduce the story to player and instructions that he has to follow during all his game. For next meeting, we have to find some other game ideas we could put in our walls.