Group meeting (11/11/2014)

During the class today we again talk about the W questions. We still have to work on it to be really clear.

Who : We think it’s for about 10 years old children until all ages, but we have to think more about it. We can’t start this game for younger people because of the practical things to do.
What : It’s an active, interactive and competitive game. We want the game in an enclosed space because people can’t see us and disturb someone who is shy.
Why : Active play is usually for children. We have to focus to achieve something, and then we are proud. We feel better after doing an active exercise. In this game we want to put some competition in it to try to imprive our score.

After ten minutes meeting with our lecturers, we know that we have to think an other time about our roles in the group : Project manager, Audio, Design and Programming. Thursday we all have to bring our stuff to show everybody that we are able to do, because Romain and I never do audio before, so it could be really difficult for us to take the main part of the project in this area.


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