Group meeting (06/11/2014)

Today, we made a group contract. All members of our team talk about all the aspects our this contract to write it all together and then sign it.
I think it’s really important to make it well and for all the members to be agree with it for a good team building.

We think about basic things like all the people will attend all classes and all group meetings, on time. If someone cannot come, we just have to let other team members know it and the reason of it…

Here is the begining of my research for the narrative structure of our game. It will be the script of our video.

You are now entering to our name of the game game.
In Dundalk city, a lot of money was stolen by a group of people.
Your mission is to keep it from the dragon as fast as you can.

Mission 1 : You have to know that the castle is protected by guards and they are really violent. The only way to go through them is let them to fall asleep.

You first have to resolve this first memory game. It’s a piano game. You have to memorize which note was played, and after reproduce it, again and again. This game is going faster and faster. (It’s a lullaby song, which will be played by the gamer (First part of the song)

Great ! Now that you are in the castle you have to be really careful about other people…

Now you are facing the map, you have to achieve this buzz wire game faster than you can to know where you have to go. In this game, you have to follow the line with your Wii, without touching borders. (Buzz wire game)

Oh no !!! Guard are waking up, please, continue to play the piano. (2nd part of the song)

Hum… I think that these guards are not really tired; maybe if you play the entire song it will be good for all the end of the game. (All song, people have just to touch notes when they appear.)”


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