Researches for logo – Part 2 (17-19/11/2014)

As it now represents a real problem, we have to fix a name for a project. I loose to much time thinking about one logo without a real name.

We decided to meet together on Monday to talk about this. We made a kind of brainstorming together, just saying which words refer for us our project. Then we talk about name’s possibilites. It was quite difficult for us make a decision, because we don’t really know between two names which one is the best. As we said in our group contract, we decided to ask other people who are not in the project to say which one they prefer, just explaining them the aim of it.

Finally, Lights Out! is the name we chose. Then I can start thinking of the real logo. during the evening to present to my group during Tuesday meeting.

I enjoy the idea of writing the name in a circle, with a black background and lettersin colours (fluo). So I try something like that, which finally I don’t like at all.


Then I want to search on something more basic but which can really work. I thought about something happenning with our letters, still with a black background and colours in our letters. Because we have the word ‘lights’ in the name of our project I start thinking about replacing the ‘i’ with a bulb.


When I show my work to the group, they really enjoyed the idea with the bulb, which I think for me is the best too. The only think it may not works is the position of my ‘out’, because regarding after one night this work, and according to other people we read ‘gout’ which does not mean anything for our project.

We talk about the possibility mixing my two last logos, with the idea of playing with the ‘g’.
This evening, I draw it with Illustrator. Then, it will allow me to resize it how I want.


All my work I did, I post it on our Facebook group page, to have comments. I am going to talk with them tomorrow to have their feedbacks, and then continue my work with the colors.

After making the logo as all people in the group want, I have to draw a storyboard which illustrate how our game is playing.


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