Research (19/10/14)

Today I found an other video about interactive and active play. I like this idea because we can play with friends or with your family. It’s an active and rapidity game where can be institute competition. You have to be quick to go to your objective : touch the lights.

Here are two videos : /

I found an other different idea…
Instead of using this we can create our own with sensors. And of course we can choose the level for the dance, or the speed

Here is the link to see the video :

Finally, last year I saw a show for children called Bleu !
It’s dance and light show. I don’t find the video but here is approximately the same purpose. (It’s the same company). But during this show children went in the stage to play with lights, all the time in movement.

Here is an other video : / Here is the video of the show :


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