Researches for the logo – Part 1 (15-16/11/2014)

As everything has changed during this week – in term of the project and roles – I am now the designer for the project. I am also in charge of the website.

My first task to achieve is designing the logo which we really need for our presentation next Monday.
This weekend, I started to think about names, ideas of what I can do, in relation to our project.

I first thought about Bubble catch, because the light we are going to use are in circle and it allude me to bubble.
Because we have to press our buttons in the game I first draw this one, which is to complicate for a logo for me.


Then I thought about something in circle to represent the bubbles, and with different names. I think theses two logos are simple but it can works. But I am not really sure about this name, and I have to talk with all the group about this.

BubbleCatch2 FunfkyLight


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