Group Reflection

We started this project as almost-strangers. While Michelle and Justine knew each since Justine joined 2nd year Creative Media in DkIT and Laura and Romain knew each other from college in France, the two pairs knew nothing of each other. We didn’t know how each other worked or dealt with work-related issues.



I have been assigned to be the graphic & website designer for our team. This meant that I had to create all of the design work for the game. I made our logo, our installation look and style, the interface layout of our game and also our communications campaign, which includes our business cards, posters, leaflets, and t-shirts. That is something I felt would be difficult at the beginning, because it was the first time for me doing that much related design in a real-world situation. However I am really proud of the results and I really enjoyed it. I also created our website, from the wireframes, to the programming in HTML/CSS and even using PHP/MySQL for our database. That was the part that I was most worried about because programming is not exactly my cup of tea (Irish tea!). But as I am interested in that field, I was really happy to work on that. I learned a lot doing this work, and now I feel much more comfortable with it. Also, I am proud to have my first website online.

Finally, in terms of the whole project, I am glad that everything went well. Our entire group was working well together and everyone worked hard. I am really happy that now we have a project working.


The roles needed to be assigned early in the year. I was looking forward to taking on the role of hardware but not programming. I have had a small amount of experience in hardware and set building from a Theatrical and Media Make-Up course and a photography course before attending DkIT. I felt that this would stand for me. Programming is not something thing that I would usually be confident doing, but I felt that it would be a good opportunity to help improve my skills.

As the project started off I felt that there wasn’t much of my roles to do yet. I started researching programming and working with the arduino. In the beginning I was creating small circuits turning on and off one LED. I really enjoyed this part of the project and I found myself spending more time on the hardware side of things than the programming. At the end of the project I’ve created 12 wired high powered LEDs lights that are split between three different circuits, powered by 3 batteries and controlled by the arduino. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to master any other programming skills during the project, I did understand the arduino coding and the makey makey but I wasn’t able to bring it all together to program the game so I passed this onto Michelle.


During the project, I had two tasks: create the user interface and a video for the project. My job for the user interface was to create the original layout. Laura was in charge of design and had to finish it to make it fit with the rest of the project. At the same time, I had to work on the video. Originally we planned to shoot a real video and so I wrote a synopsis and made up storyboards. I just had to wait until the installation was built to shoot the video. But after that we had another, better idea. During the 1st semester this year I studied 3D and during the  2nd semester, 3D Animation. So Michelle asked me if I was able to create a 3D Video about our project and how to play it instead. I was very confused because I knew that will be a lot of work and I didn’t even know if I could do it but I accepted the challenge, that’s the purpose of this project! So I started, slowly but surely. Every week I learned something new in class which helped me in the project and that was awesome because every time I needed something I could find it in the lesson. I have learned a lot this year and this project has really helped me try new things and learn new skills.


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