Week 11: Cyberbullying

I did not go to class this week because they were talking about hard things happening online and I preferred to not listen to that. I know it could be really interesting but I did not feel really confident with this subject. Last week, in class, we also talk a little about deviance online and especially cyberbullying. It is one kind of bullying which happen online. Email, chat rooms, social networking services, text messages, instant messages, website postings, blogs or a combinations of means are some medias where we often find this problem.

The harasser wants to embarrass and humiliate his target subject. A bully always feels that he is stronger than everyone, and harasses those who seem smaller or weaker. Unfortunately, the number of bullying incidents reported continues to increase either young boys or girls. Children bullying starts at school and is extended after to the Internet.

Bullying never happen one time. It often keeps going over and over again…

This is a really problem, and I think the people who are concerned by this problem really need to talk to others to solve it fast, even if it is not easy to do. If it is not taken seruously it can really ruin life..

Cyberbullying 3


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