Week 8: My Personal Plan

To continue the article from last week, today I am doing my personal plan for my future.

My goals:
I want to get a master  (BAC+5) in communications and multimedia. I hope I can go abroad one year again, or a least one semester, in North America or Australia to continue to improve my English. Then, if I still want, after the master I want to do one year in Business because it really works with the communication field, and I am also interested about that. Finally, I really hope to work as a public relations officer. It is something I discover this year, but I knew it just a little before coming. It is something I really enjoy because I can use all the knowledge I learn during my studies, either in Creative media, strategy and web fields.

My Plan action:
I want to get my degree here, then for my first year of master, I will try my best to get very good results to try to go abroad in second year. Then if I want to do one more year, I will need to do a competitive entrance examination for the one-year-study in a business private school. This last year will give me a lot of contacts for my future job.

I think it is something highly achievable because when I want to do something, I always try my best to do it!

Why this plan?
Since I am really young, I love to communicate about my hobbies. I start to enjoy photography, video and editing. This is something I learn alone, playing with software such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Premiere. I never really enjoyed everything I did until the BAC in France. Also, I just learn things I will never use again in my future. Then I find a DUT, which correspond exactly to what I like. Moreover, since I am 12 years old, my dream was to go abroadto study ENglish.I went 3 weeks in a host family in Canada; I did a lot of travels around the world  in teenagers’ camp. This allows me to speak Spanish and English. But it was not enought for me! That is why I really do my best to go in Ireland this year. I am highly motivated with everything I want to do.

Now everything follows my primary goal. The most difficult for me was to find a master I will enjoy because there are so many different masters in France (public or private). I knew that I cannot really do a private one because two years will cost me 12 000€ or more.

My future job:
For me it is very important that I will work in something I am interested in because when I will be working, I will not see the time running. It is going so fast!  The fact that now I have a good level in English will allow me to work in a big company which need to communicate internationally. If I can improve my Spanish, it can be even better for me. I can work in France or abroad.

SWOT Analysis:
– My strengths: motivated, curious, determinated, creative, English, open-minded, hard working
– My weaknesses: lack of self-confidence, sky when I do not really know the person
– Opportunities: go abroad, discovering new cultures
– Threats: do not get my degree if I do not find the work placement, money


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