Week 10: Riots

This week in class, we continue to talk about activism and the Arab Spring. Then, we focus on London’s riot and everything happening during this time.

To take an other example to illustrate that, I will again come back to Toulouse , the city where I live in France. The context of the beginning of the problem is the death of Rémi Fraisse. Rémi was an opponent to the construction of the controversial dam, located in Sivens, in the Tarn. He was shot from a policeman by an offensive grenade during the 25th of October 2014 night.

After that, a lot of riots happen to protest against police brutality and to commemorate the death of Rémi.  This was during more than one month; every weekend. A lot of demonstrations take place. Even if they were illegal, some people were here just to break everything and to fight with the police, using violence and not only to remember Rémi.


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