Week 7: My life after college this year

I am really happy that I can have experienced one year here in DkIT for my third-year-study. I think that is something really useful for me, as I improve a lot my English during this year. I know it is not perfect but now I can have a real conversation with other people, and I can understand almost everything. I am not worried when I need to talk to a lecturer or to my group work to ask questions or to give my opinion. After this year, normally I will have my degree. I think I am not ready to find a job now because I still need to improve my knowledge through projects like here.

The problem is that Dundalk is not giving us the diploma anymore so I need to do a three-months internship. If I find one, and do it I will get the professional degree from my university in Tarbes. If I cannot find one I will have 60 credits for this year but no diploma, so it means nothing… I hope I can find one and then, my plan is to continue for two more years to get a master. I really like what we are doing here in college, especially everything around communication, design and how to build a strategy like Public Relations course. I will continue in the same field. I do not want to specialise because I think it is something really important to know about everything in a company. You can understand better why there are some problems or everything. If I specialise, I think I will do it during my work experience.

If I cannot find my internship I really do not know what I am going to do because I really do not want to do again my third year degree because I will loose one year and maybe not learn I much as I hope.


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