Week 8: Social Media, Online Dating & Pornography

Last week, we talk about online dating and pornography. To be honest, I never use these kinds of apps and website that exist because I do not want to and I am not interested about that content. I just know some men who use apps to meet women because they think the contact is easier through your screen. They first want to chat with women and then they really hope to meet them in real to see if they can be together.

In my opinion, I think it can be really dangerous; especially we people using these apps are young because people do not say the truth in their profile. They can lie about their age and everything…

Also, for pornography website I think this is really bad to navigate and watch video on it because it is not like in real. The first experience of sexual relations is on the Internet and at 11 years old. The fact is that they see unrealistic body and act and then, they try to do the same. Sometimes a relation can be broken because of this problem.

When I came back in France, I saw reportage about something called “Cam Girls” on the television. For me, I think it can be considered as pornography. It was about girls who chat with other people with the webcam. When some men pay a certain amount of money, the girl needs to show more of her body, and they are paid for that. For example we saw one woman who has 20 years old and she uses that as a work. She earns 5000€ a month for that because sometimes she has 7000 voyeurs at the same time paying for her. She is not shocked about that because it is not a real relation with people. They do not touch each other. The thing is that she does not want to have a real job in France because with that she earns a lot of money and more than another work. But I think she never think about the future because one time, her body will change and she cannot do that anymore. Moreover, she does this “job” without hiding her face and everybody can recognise her in the street. I really think that is incredible for me because she can meet someone crazy who just recognise her and force her to do things.

Finally, we talk about the impact of social media in a relation. I think it is not a good idea to have an account in a social media. For example, Facebook is really bad because when your profile is not really protected, everybody can see it . You are spied and especially your boyfriend can see everything. After he can be mad because we talk with another man. We cannot really have friends of the opposite sex because of the jealousy.


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