Week 4: Digital Network & Society

I wrote an article last week but I do not know why now it disappears from this blog. That is why it is not in the good order.

Everything we do on the Internet is tracked. For example, if we are looking for a flight to come back in France for the holidays; after all the advertising on your webpages will talk about that (offers for travels with your destination) and companies such as Ryanair, Aer Lingus… That show everything you do is saved somewhere without your agreement. Also, I remember, four years ago I want to Iceland for a teenagers’ camp during February holidays. One day, I received a text message on my new smartphone from my father telling me exactly where I was at the moment. I was really surprised when I receive it because he knew that. In one hand it is good for my parents because they know exactly where I am, but I never programme something on my smartphone to allow this. I felt tracked. When I look more in all the parameters, I saw that one option, the geo-localisation one, was ticked since the beginning (when I buy it).

Moreover, as years are going, we download lots of app with Android store, Apple store, iTunes or with Internet. They are more and more directly connected to social media, and post information sometimes even if you do not ask for it.

This is the development of technologies. We are always looking for progress. An other example can be the fridge which is connected. Without opening it you can see what you have in it. Also, if you have a connected watch, when you are running it can be connected to internet and save automatically all your information (date, time, how many kilometres you did…). Everything is going to be ultra-connected.

But do we need to boycott these technologies ? As time is running everybody buy them. It is not because I do not buy them, that they will stop to sell it. As I said, we are always looking at progress. I think we just need to be careful when we buy new technologies with all the new existing functions, and we need to choose which one we want and/or need.


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