Week 5: Envisioning the Future

Today, we talk more about automation which is something quite interesting.
This is when bots replace human to do usual tasks and even really special one.

I remember few years ago, I went to Paris for a travel with my school. During this travel, one afternoon we visit a famous automobile assembly factory called Flins. During this time we can see all the process until having a real car. I was really surprised when I saw all these sort of robots doing everything and not really lot of humans doing it. This can be good because sometimes, people are doing their work but they use these robots to help them with it. For example, if some parts are too heavy they just push the robot and position it as they want to make what they want.


But we can think about the future. What are we going to do in few years? Do these robots will replace all the human? What about all these jobs?

It is true that this help a lot. We can solve problems, and do things faster with them. But as we are going I think they take a really huge place in the society, and some job are not going to exist anymore because of them. It can be contradictory because we need humans to create these robots. I think as for the use of Internet, we just need to be careful with what we are creating to keep jobs.

This is an interesting article.


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