Week 7: Social Media

This week, we talk about social media and especially how teenagers use them in their life.

As we all know, social media can be recognize as being part of people’s day. When they wake up, one of the first things they do is to check what happens during the night in their social media.
While time is running, new social media appear and now it is hard to not use one of them during one day. For example, is you want to listen some music, your first reflex is to go in Youtube. There, you can have your profile, create your playlist, like and comment other videos. Then, when you want to talk with a friend, you can text him or use Facebook, Snapchat…

These last social media are really use by young teenagers. They can have positive and negative points, depending how you use them. Teenagers can like, comment, post and share everything they want, without any controls. You can see in some profile teenagers who share every details of their life. They do not really realise that it can be bad for their future, and the consequences. Besides, most of the time they did not protect their profile, and everybody can see it.

If most of the social media existing are not really good, depending of how you use it; some of them can be good for you and your future. For example, LinkedIn or Viadeo (the same in France) are professional social media. In your profile, you can write your CV with your courses and experiences, and you can be in contact with other professional who might need you in their company. Thanks to them you can sometimes get a placement or a work because people saw you profile and found it interesting. Unfortunately, the majority does not use these social media.


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