Week 3: What Internet change for everybody?

Internet is an international network where people communicate together through their use of computer, smartphone, … It can be really good, but also bad, depending of people’s use. Thanks to it we can have everything we want just in few seconds thanks to Google. It is part of our life since we are young now.
Website like Wikipedia allows everybody to get one culture, and to learn about everything. This website is bring to up by people around the entire world, with their knowledge. People can just go there to pick what they want to know. The only thing is that is not really sure, because there is no control at all for this website.
The bad way of the Internet is, because we can find everything (content, music, film), this entail pirating. It ruins artists’ lives because they are not earning money they normally need.
The other bad thing of Internet and everything we use to be connected is that everything we did is trace. Now people can follow us everywhere even if we think we protect everything. We are always under surveillance. This can be frightening in some points. Like in the documentary, this guy explains us that if we take one piece of data, then we can link it to an other one and then we can know everything.

For example, where I live in France, Toulouse, is the third city in Europe which is the most spied. It is due to the big companies there like Airbus, Thales or Astrium.
Here is the French article about Citizenfour today in La Dépêche du midi newspaper.


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