Week 2: Plagiarism, Copyright & Remix

In the world, copyright is used to avoid plagiarism. In fact, when someone creates one content, this law protects him about other people who want to copy it. This law was “developed to stimulate creativity and promote learning”.

The development of new technologies makes everything easier. If you need content, you research it on Google and then you can easily copy it. People just take what they want without being careful with the copyrights. If we take some content from one website for example, we need to mention where it is from (referencing). If we use this content in a commercial way, we need to pay something to the authors, depending of the use.

In this class, we saw a video of someone taking just few seconds of songs existing, which have copyrights because they are “the intellectual property of the artist who created them”. Then he transforms them to make his own song. The question was: Is it plagiarism? Is it allowed to do that?
It is not that easy to answer these questions. If songs are transformed and then we cannot say where it is from, it is not considered as plagiarism. But for me I think it is not really fair to allow that because the person uses one existing content without saying where it is from because he remixes it… He just hides these parts of content changing the tone, the speed and other characteristics.
I think the only way to solve this issue is to define the limit of the copy allowed because we cannot stop people to do remix downloading music.

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