Week 6 : ‘InRealLife’ Documentary

This week we watched the documentary called ‘InRealLife’, which show the life of young teenagers, spending all their time on internet.

For me I was really surprised and almost shocked at the beginning, when I saw these two guys openly talking about porn and their obsession about it. I knew that at their ages most of young men are looking at that but they was at the extreme point. When one of them says that he cannot have a girlfriend because it is not like in the porn videos he always watch, I think they are really living in an other world, in their dreams. They also make competitions about who is going to see one lady breasts via video chat. I found this just incredible… They never understand what they are doing, and what can happen after : consequences about their acts.

It is true that we live in a digital society. Everybody is connected to the Internet with his computer, or all the time with his smartphone. Sometimes people uses this too much that they become addict of these technologies. With the Internet, you can find everything really fast, and most of the time for free, like these porn videos they look. We can communicate with everybody in the entire world without seeing them, or just to keep in touch like the other example. I think this can be a good thing, because thanks to this, I can still communicate with Erasmus friend who came back to Brazil. But we need to be aware about the risks which exist, and we need to inform everybody about that, especially children. They cannot imagine online dangers if they do not learn it. As you are growing up, you start knowing it by the education. Even when you enter at university, I remember to had two classes just dedicated to Facebook and his use, to show us that even if we are really carefull, there is no 0 risk.

Seeing this documentary, I am a bit afraid about the future, and how people are going to be in 10 years if it starts like that, but I think if we inform a lot people, this can stay under control. I think this documentary show the real but it uses strong examples to insist and exaggerate everything. Everything is not as tragic as that the documentary showed but problems exist. This was a really interesting documentary that allow us to think more about something we use everyday !


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