Week 1 : Music history

In our Professional Issues in Creative Media class, we learn more about the history of the music and the sound.

I must admit that I was really lost during this first class because I never really learn about audio, music and sound before. It was a bit hard to understand everything. This was more an overview about all the history. Therefore, I cannot really talk about this first lesson.

We are going to see all the time Past, Present and Future for everything.
For one of my CA I have to do a presentation on a chosen career in Creative Media. I need to discuss past, present and future conditions. I choose « Advertising » because it is something I really like and it change since it has been created. I think it can be really interested to show how it moves and how people consider it. I think I will need to focus in our particular aspect like digital, TV, or radio advertising because it is really vast. I will first need to do a lot of researches and then try to make something clear for everybody. I will also write my essay about this subject, and I think I will take as an example my work placement I made last year.


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