Week 5 : Fan Culture

Today we talk in class about Fan Culture. You can be fan of lots of things such as music, series or sport.

During our tutorial class, we need to find one period of our life when we were fan of something.
For me it was sport, especially swimming. Since I learn how to swim at 8 years old, it became a really strong passion for me. The year after, I started doing some competitions and I was training 4 days a week when I had class, and two times a day during the holidays. When my parents did not want me to go swimming, I was sometimes crying because for me I cannot miss any lessons. I was really addicted and sometimes I went to competition from Thursday to Sunday.

For me this fan period was a really good experience because I learn how to be organised in my school work if I want to go training. Also, I met lots of person who have the same passion. For me swimming was the only way to escape and enjoy my time.

During the class, we talk about Bronies Fan (My little pony), and One Direction’s one.

In this last documentary we can see teenagers girls who are really fan of this group. As they are young, music is part of their lives, they make friend with the same interest. They are really fan of their songs but also about their person. They can be compared as hysterical, always screaming when they see them. They are ready to wait a lot of hours just to hope to see them at the airport for example.
Some of the girls make tatoo about lyrics or images that can make them close to the boys.

Besides, these fans are always connected with them thanks to the Internet and especially the social media such as Twitter where they can follow them. With that, they think they know everything about them and are closer to them. But this can be sometimes really dangerous and crazy when they pretend to kill themselves just because one of them does not follow them or answer. Also they are ready to kill each other just to see them.


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