Week 3 – Subcultures – Cosplay

Today in Culture, Society & Creative Media class we talk about Subculture. First, for me a subculture is a group of people who think the same and stay together with a particular style or behaviour.

I choose to learn more about Cosplay subculture because I know lots of friends who love making cosplay and going to conventions. A cosplay is a kind of costume people wear to represent a character they really like in video games, or manga for example. Since 1990, this hobby practise grow a lot in Japan and it is extended to all the world. People making their own cosplays do that for them, for fun because they really like it. As it is growing, convention appears and competitions too.

For example, in France and specialy in my town Toulouse, two times a year there is « Toulouse Game Show » convention » which is organised. Most of people coming there are wearing handmade cosplays. They are going there to show their work, to share their passion with everybody and also to take some inspiration and techniques for the next event. This convention is about video game. Famous people from « Manga world » or everything are coming to sign autographs and enjoy their time. Lots of photographs are here to try to keep everything in memory from this event.

Before coming to this convention, most of people talk together in some social media like in Facebook. There are lots of Fan Pages created for that. A big community is growing. They ask some advices, they show their work publishing pictures of their cosplays. Everybody who want can take part of this subculture.

Here are some articles I find interesting : Article 1, Article 2, Article 3
Finally, here are two photos of the TGS.
1450219_10202505876435467_1723386664_n 1483839_591350767602767_1722779227_o

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