Week 1 & 2 – Culture, Society and Creative Multimedia

In this Culture, Society and Creative Multimedia class, we are going to learn cultures in the world in relation to medias. Each week I will need to write an article on this blog to show what we discussed in class and sometimes to give my opinions in one particular point.

This week, we talk about What is culture ? Why is culture ? And then we try to find some example of culture.
For me one culture is all practises, way of live of one country.

For example, as an Erasmus student from France this year, I can say that Irish and French culture are quite similar but there are some different points for each country. One example can be studies. In France, classes usually start at 8.00 am and finish most of the time at 6.00 pm with a break around 12.30 to eat and Thrusdays afternoons free to make activities, sport,… In DkIT the earlier time we start is at 9.00 am and we always finish at 5.00 pm max. Besides, in France one week class can be 35 hours or sometimes more or just a bit less. In DkIT I saw that if you have 24 hours classes like us in the first semester, you are not very lucky. (Most of my Erasmus friends just had around 16 hours classes).
With this example we can see that each country have his own method to teach.

Then we talk about High VS Low culture. After a talk with other student I saw that we considere same things in our country.

Finally we learn more about Technological determnism & Social shaping. We worked in group about one question around the mobile phone.

We thought that mobile phone is positive for us because we can get the news faster and when we want, we can also play games. But we thought that it is negative because now children do not really speak ; the communication is not as good ; we have too much information ; there is no privacy and we have less control.

It is not just the mobile phone which influences us. There are other social/political things. Mobile phone just changes our perception. We shape technology.


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