Speed dating (9/10/14)

During this class we made a speed dating.
It’s a really good idea because it allows us to talk with all the students in our class to know what their ideas are.

We just had two minutes to talk with the student in front of you. We had to give him our idea, to receive his idea and to try to make a baby idea with our two.

I really enjoy some ideas like the circus one, where we have to teach people how to juggle. I also like the Giant Rubix Cube, and the interactive musical dance mat.

Here are some notes I have took.


After this speed dating (about 1 hour talking), two groups from last year where here to explain their projects and to answer to our questions. It’s really interesting to have a point of view from people who had finished their project. We really saw that we really have to work for this project, and that is really important to find people with the same interest to give our best.


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