Brainstorming (07/10/14)

During this class, we make some group with differend interest to think about one area we like.

I chose children and active play. To start, we just want to know what games did we play when we were young.

Lots of game appear : sport games and skills games as you can see in the picture.


After we think about why we want people to play and how?


Some ideas seems really interesting to develop. I enjoy the fort building one but I want to make it new. I want to merge technology with this game. This game can be played by lots of people, and in family to have fun and to build something in collaboration.

I think about fort building with projection on the floor and the space, like a 3D projection. Before starting building, players can choose which fort they want to  build and the projection will appear in the space. This projection can help people to build their fort if their imagination is not here when they want to play. This game is for all ages and they can play in family if they want. They also can choose a music during their building.
We can also make a competition between teams, depending their size (number of people). If we have two teams and in each team we have 3 people, they have the same time to build.

It’s a projection like this one : but without support in.


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