Brainstorming Active/Physical Play (02/10/14)

For this class, we made some group, working in an area. I chose Active/Physical Play because of my interest : I love sport !

To start this class, we have to think about questions : What ? Why is it important? Purpose ? Feelings / Memories / Experiences ?
We started talking together and few ideas appear. For us, doing a physical activity give most fun. It’s for children and for adults. And we can play by teams. It allows us to clear our head, because we have to use energy to focus and to uses our skills to do something. We forgot every problems. It makes us happy & we feel better and relax. We also can meet people and then make friends through team.
We need motivation because when we lose we have to try again and when we win we have good feelings and we want to do it again & be better.

Games are the same when you are a children or an andult but there are differents spirits.

After, we have to think about « insight ». Some key words appear like achievement, overcoming, focus, forget everything else.
With our project, we  would hope to allow the user to fully focus on skills for the activity and forget about other stresses & works releasing endorphins from the exercise which, combined with the sense of achievement on completion of the task will leave the user happy focussed and ready for what comes next and will want to do it again and again.

=> We want people to focus and feel a sense of enjoyment and achievement.
IMG_1429 IMG_1430

After this brainstorming, we have to get 100 project ideas according to our area. Then to chose 3 of them and to explain better one. We think about a game where your performance is measured and compared to champions and players. In this game you can set goals. You can chose which sport you want to play, you can play with friends, with/against champions (who are like holograms players). The stadium can react to all things happening, there are some press commentary.

IMG_1427 IMG_1428


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