Pecha Kucha

For this project, we have to realize a Pecha Kucha. It’s a style of presentation to introduce what are our interests, passions and past work.
You can find here my presentation, but without my pictures.

Hi everybody ! I’m Laura HILSELBERGER, and I’m 20 years old. I come from Toulouse, a really dynamic city in the south of France. The rugby club of my city called Le Stade Toulousain, is supported by a lot of inhabitants. Le Capitole is the heart of the city.

This year, I decide to leave my house with my parents, my sister and my rabbit to have, I hope, a great experience with all of you, and to learn English of course. I took a car and the boat to come here. The travels takes me two days.

Well, since I’m a young, I love sport like swimming and Zumba.Thanks to my father’s work ; I travelled around the world in teenagers’ camp. All these experiences allowed me one quality : I think I’m open-minded. So during the project in group I think this is important to talk together about our own ideas and then define which one is the best. Moreover, these travels have given me a real interest about discovering other cultures and about multimedia in general. I love taking pictures or making videos about my trips.

That’s why after the Baccalauréat I chose to do a DUT. It’s a two-years diploma. I learnt multimedia and communication in Tarbes IUT Technical faculty. I work onlots of theory subjects in networks, communication but I also learn some software like the Adobe Package. Therefore I have some notions in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Dreamweaver and Flash (but just a little for this one). I have some knowledge in programming, Java, PHP, but it’s not my cup of tea… I’m interested in creating website and HTML. Finally, I learn about project management, which I really enjoy.

During these two years, I worked on projects like creating a documentary about IUT technical faculty or organised events like video contest and meeting for the Open days.

I made two work placements in different fields. The first one in journalism, which allowed me to overcome my shyness and to know how to write for the press. And the other one, in communication and event management. I had organized one season for the Hautes-Pyrénées region, since the beginning (contact all the companies) and the presentation to the public.

Finally, I think I am quite hardworking but I know how to play; and I am a good team worker. I hope now you know me better and we will make a great team !


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