Friday 19th September

During the class last Friday, we talked about « Play ».

We have to think about some things :
– We have to define « Play »
– Why do we have to play and the purpose ?
– Types of play.

We saw that play can be a fun experience. Since we are young, we play all the time but there are different ways. We always meet new people and have fun with them. It can have more or less rules in games you want to play. I think rules are very useful and important because it sets people’s rights. Rules are the same for everybody and people start « at the same point ».

There are also activities for learning, to relax you or to acquire some skill. If you play in different places or with different supports you don’t have the same feeling. It changes all the time. You can play to escape. If you have a really bad day, it may be great to play or to do something you like to think about other things. If you play with friend, you make social interaction with them. This is important for the life.

Why do we have to play ?

Yo can play ;

– to entertain, distract (Flappy bird, Angry birds). If you have free time you can play these two game on your smartphone, on the Internet.

Capture d’écran 2014-09-23 à 17.08.29

– to learn. When you are children there are lots of game which allow you to learn colors, forms or word, some sounds (interactives books)

– to laugh. In France we often play cards. There is a real funny and strategic game. We have to play with « Jeu de Tarot »

Capture d’écran 2014-09-23 à 17.15.10

It’s a four-people game. You have to estimate how many point you can get just seeing your cards in your hands. You start with 5, after 4, 3, 2 and 1.  All the players have got the same number of card. But for one round, total estimation cannot be cards’ number you have in your hand. If you make all the points you announce, you don’t loose points, but if you make more or less you loose the difference between what you say and what you get. It’s really strategic because you can do someone to loose if you want just playing against him. Finally you always laught in this game…

– to make friends : First I think about sport. It’s really important for me to practise because I can meet other people. There are team sports, and you can have fun with everybody. It’s also an other way to distract.

– to relax, to escape : I enjoy photography and video. When I walk on the street or I visit some city, my camera never leaves me. Taking pictures relax me because it’s something I really like. When I come back to my home and I see all the pictures I took, I could be nostalic.

– to stimulate, challenge, for health : I swam during 12 years, in competition. For me it was a way to play and have fun, but also to challenge me. What can I do after all my training ? Can I improve my records ?

You can find here some mind map from the class and my research :

IMG_1366 IMG_1367

We also have to think about an interactive game and to work in a special place : city center.

We find some ideas like

– A roller skate rink. On the floor you have to follow the lights, or when you go near the lights, they can be turned on themselve thanks to sensors.
– A projection : dance or karaoke on the buildings.
– Mapping : Lights can be projected on the building and people can push some buttons to change lights color, form, … There is also music in the street and people can play to move the lights on rythm. In this video you can find what mapping look like :
It takes place in Toulouse 2 years ago.

We want to go into the two last ideas at the same time. It’s a game for children. The can see people dancing on a screen which is put in the bulding. Then children can try to reproduce the choreography. There is also a PC controler, where people can find which sort of music the want to dance, which people are projected, and can play with all the lights.


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