Brainstorming 1 (18/09/2014)

The theme for the project this year is « play ».

I’m going to make my own brainstorming. For me, this word can have a lot of meanings :

Children : I think the first time for all the people playing is when  we are young.

Game : It’s a world which could be associated to « play ». We play a game.

Computer : We can use this support to play something like video games.

Playstation : It’s an other support to play

Learn : We can learn just playing. Children learn some colors, forms, or words just playing all the time. But people older than children can also learn with serious game for example.

Sport : Practise some sport can be a solution to have a good time and to play.

Hexagone, candy crush, flappy bird, … are all softwares we can download in our smartphone to play during our free time.

– We can play music, cards ..


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